Porsche 911 (87): Restoring The Rear Wheel House

This film is about the restoration of the rear wheel house of my Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 from 1987.
It all started with a careful cleaning, but I soon noticed that under its so-called rust protection some corrosion issues were waiting to be dismantled. I’ve repaired all the rust damages by welding up the holes, restored the corrosion protection and did a spot repair of the paint.
I’m using body sealant, stone guard, filler, water based paint and two-component clear to realize a blend paint job and bring the whole thing back to its original state – as much as possible.

As announced in the film, here’s the e-mail address to ask for a special offer for the Flex PXE 80 Battery Powered Polisher: [email protected]
Please mention “Greasy Fingers”.

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