“Everybody — and I mean everybody — seems to love this car.”

“The interior is all about offering the driver a great driving experience. There is an ultra-modern center console that looks like something out of a futuristic movie and a trio of rounded, standalone gauges.”

“Though it remains to be seen whether history will be kind to the 918 Spyder, here and now, Porsche’s halo car stands as a striking monument to a moment in time when hundred year-old fuel burning technology merged with electric power to create a wave of flagship vehicles that changed all the rules. On those terms alone, the 918’s status as a legendary hypercar is all but ensured.”

Porsche 918 interior
Porsche 918 interior

“The 918 Spyder is rebellious fun and not least because you’re aware the Porsche 918 is more than simply a serious and profoundly capable performance supercar: it’s a flight of deluxe, epic in its own right. The ride settles finely at higher speeds, control responses stay as predictable and linear. Futuristic, aggressive car, you will do love it.”

(David, 32, sportscar tester)