The STRAIGHT PIPE Porsche Carrera GT is a Mythical Legend!

The Porsche Carrera GT with straight pipes is no longer a myth for me! I can confirm from my first experience at the wheel that it is an absolute legend of a supercar with the most unbelievable sound! To experience it for the first time, @cyber.garage let’s me take the wheel as we go for a drive in his insane machine.

Any Porsche Carrera GT is a special car, with around 1,300 ever made it has a glorious sound to its naturally aspirated V10 that makes 612hp. Most significantly it also has a perfectly refined manual gearbox, added to a removable targa roof top to make for the most perfect of driving experiences. Give it then a straight pipe exhaust system and you’re quickly on the way to finding pure heaven from an engine sound!

A huge thanks again goes to Kevin from @cyber.garage for this incredible day, driving one of my favourite cars on a day of perfection. Please give him a follow at:

Thanks for watching, Tim